I awoke stinking like a dead man does with time.
Not just from the waste I’ve strewn, around the room.
My will resigned then I let it take to me like vines.
I’ve go explaining to do, and a greenish hue.
It’s a cold I’ll always have.
And god could I use a sneeze.
But the Kleenex corporation,
Has long run out of sympathy.

To get this low,
I had to dig a great big hole,
And the only way out.
Cost me everything I know.

This wasn’t supposed to be, part of the arch of the story.
I’ve learned that spilling your guts.
Will not in every case lead to glory.
Stubborn as mule in quicksand, you drown.
When every two steps forward is two steps down.

This was bound to unravel, that thread just needed a tug.
Cuz only so much mess can be swept under a rug.
Between my was’s and am’s I think I’d still choose the latter.
But speaking of which, just what the hell did I do with that ladder?

I’m a boxer on the ground, not sure if I should just stay down.
I’ve been here a while, but it’s not lost on me.
That the seats have emptied, there is no referee.
But I could swear I still hear a few people rooting for me.

To get this low.
I had to dig a great big hole.
And the only way out cost me everything I know.
Could not lead with such a wound neglected.
So my comrades they’ve all defected.
Now the loss of troops, plus the ground to boot.
Leaves me just time to kill, and trench to fill.

I’m all dried out, my mind’s grown fit.
I figured out how to live like this.
And the fifteen elephants sitting on my chest.
Don’t feel like much when I’m breathing my best.